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134 thoughts on “Unlock Request Confirmation

  1. Lynn

    How much longer to wait to get my smartphone (iphone 4s) unlocked?

  2. mohamed shapan

    thank you for this service

  3. Kebaabetswe


  4. Kebaabetswe

    Cool I like

  5. sim riyal

    please my sim unlock code for samsung galaxy note 4 sm-n910t usa t-mobail imei 356095064271026

  6. King

    Still waiting for an email

  7. jamiel ward

    cool its very awesome

  8. ruben

    espero el desbloqueo de mi htc one s

  9. Chachee hudson

    First time trying hope it works if so I’ll post again

  10. Stephen Luigi Cagol

    please give me the unlock code send it to my email. thank you!

  11. andrei

    please unlock my iphone 5 for sprint usa thank you so mach imei 990002752558872

  12. marvin

    how long dose this take

  13. Merary T

    these guys unlock for free!

  14. blessing ikewun

    im still waiting for my htc desire 626s unlock code nice site thanks

  15. Modeerf

    i hope it works .. thank you 🙂

  16. Greg buencochillo

    How many days before my phone will b unlock.?

  17. Jermaine

    This website is amazing

  18. Norman Casiano

    IMEI number 354209070129688 Gear S on AT&T USA and I’d share on https://plus.google.com/114671369340568616274
    Received request confirnation but never got the second email. Any help?

  19. Regie

    Hope this one work

  20. andrea

    still waiting for an email


    Iphone 5s
    16GB Gold
    UK / Europe / Middle East

    IMEI: 358827056351418
    Serial: F17M1UXRFFGC
    Model Number: A1457
    Order Number: ME434
    Board ID: n53ap
    FCC ID: BCG-E2643A, BCG-E2643B
    Network: EE UK
    Manufacture Date: January, 2014
    Production Week: 1
    Phone Age: 2 Year (s), 0 Month (s) 16 Day (s)
    Factory: F1 / China, Zhengzhou – Foxconn
    Introduction Date: September 10, 2013
    Discontinue Date: N / A
    Contract Status: Unknown
    Find My iPhone: OFF
    SIM Lock: Locked
    Carrier: GSM
    Blacklisted: NO

    You can unlock the iPhone?

  22. john

    My imei 359764061984017

  23. Kuwar ajay

    Pleasu get my unlock code fir iphone 5 uk orange

  24. rachid bakhti

    ifone 4s
    plaese i went to active it in morocoo .maroc

  25. quoclinh

    thank you for this service

  26. paul

    please unloc k 013073004345767 4s meteor irleand

  27. Sudhir Reddy

    If this works it will be ultimate…… Site..

  28. Tom Grosso

    Hope this really works. Has anyone seen results yet. I will give this rave reviews if this works!

  29. Jacklyn

    This website is bomb.!!

  30. Pablo

    Thank you great service?

  31. Zyy

    Waiting For My Email Saying My Phone Is Unlocked And My Unlock Code For My iPhone 5s?? I Hope This Website Was Worth My Time.

  32. jared

    Thank you I really need this phone to work

  33. swaga

    Still waiting

  34. dhullian

    Pleas unlock my Iphone 5 . I share u blog many times, Imei: 990002767480419

  35. Majid

    I have a Lumia 635 Imei no 353652068152587 carrier Tesco Uk pls help to open my cell

  36. Rosanne Barr

    Thank you

  37. sam

    merci c tré cool

  38. dinh VO

    I bought the machine in Switzerland now i am in South Vietnam
    Please help me so that I used to be unlocked in Vietnam

  39. dinh VO

    I bought the machine in Switzerland now i am in South Vietnam
    Please help me so that I used to be unlocked in Vietnam

    iphon4 IMEI 012540009848608

  40. jon

    I love u smartphone

  41. stacey dann

    thanks you for your assistance

  42. aziz

    jai rien recu merci

  43. sam

    merci combien de temp je doit attend

  44. Oleh Panasiuk

    I have iphone 4s Imei: 990001920173218, carrier Sprint USA it’s clean, please help me to unlock my phone.

    my repost: https://www.facebook.com/sirius653

  45. desmond

    pls i need you help..unlock nokia lumia 635
    Loading device info. Done!
    ***Device Info
    Model: Nokia Lumia 635 (RM-975)
    Sw Version: 01061.00070.14253.28018
    Product Code: 059V6W5
    IMEI: 353048061774222
    sim unlocking client

    pls send me the unlocking…[email protected]


  46. myatmintun

    I hope my phone unlock code

  47. Marco

    how much I have to wait

  48. Belester

    Espero y funcione, y si funciona muchas gracias amigos!

  49. Oogii

    IMEI 356476066816044 nokia lumia 530 pls help me

  50. Oogii

    IMEI 356476066816044 nokia lumia 530
    Pls help me so that l used to be unlocked code

  51. aziz muhammed

    Hi sir, when u can give me my unlock code,? Please be asap… 356275074125947 this my phone imei
    Samsung grand prime

  52. Kebab

    How long should I wait to unlock my iphone?

  53. Alexavier Martinez

    I was looking for you to help me with a Samsung Exhibit 4G, not an iPhone.
    I already shared your facebook page on mine.
    https://www.facebook.com/xavell or Alexavier Martinez in Facebook.
    My IMEI is 354425051827997/06.
    My email is [email protected].

  54. art jordan

    shared to all my friends! my imei 990001079126900

  55. forhad

    plz unlock my iphone country lock my imei 990001853439636

  56. DAN


  57. David

    Unlock me 357163062039305

  58. asl

    hola, ya he compartido el enlace, mi imei es 353048060988062, Nokia Lumia 635 T-Mobile.

    Puede ayudarme?

  59. Gabriel Tandoc

    how many days? Will I recieve my unlocked mail confirmation? Details: Iphone 5c (Blue) 16gb IMEI: 013889000545518 Serial No: F73M93XKFFHL

  60. Vladimir

    imei 352018067583720

  61. ade

    Av completed the form but till now av not received any emails but u can still help me out on my nokia lumia 630
    Imei 357138061538879
    Carrier 02

  62. ade

    Av completed the form but till now av not received any emails but u can still help me out on my nokia lumia 630
    Imei 357138061538879
    Carrier 02

  63. bimbo

    Av completed the form but till now av not received any emails but u can still help me out on my nokia lumia 630
    Imei 357138061538879
    Carrier 02
    Please send it to [email protected]

  64. Serzh

    Iphone 5 IMEI – 990002791486952. SPRINT US

  65. Sergey

    Need unlock Iphone 5. imei – 990002791486952 SPRINT US

  66. Alexsandr

    990001925588501 anlock please my iPhone 4s

  67. Venkat Iyer

    Have shared as well shared one blog with friends still not getting any emails for free unlock code

  68. tahia

    unlock iphone 4 O2 Ireland

  69. nguyen quang vinh

    please my iPhone 4s

  70. chileshe katongo

    I am waiting still waiting for the email .
    IMEI 354591050343631, Nokia Lumia 810 T-mobile

  71. chileshe katongo

    How long does it take

  72. devasagayam

    The SIM card inserted in this iPhone does not appear to be supported.
    The SIM card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server. This is not a hardware issue with the iPhone. Please insert another SIM card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carrier. Please contact Apple for more information.

  73. ashenafi

    Hope it works

  74. abdul esaan

    Samsung galaxy s2
    imel 358394042264031
    please unlock

  75. vanesa

    i hope you can help mee for unlock iphone 6 imei number is 359284066018356

  76. vukasin

    when am gon get unlock vuki833
    tnx 013627000830591

  77. robert john

    will i get an email confirming that your processing my request? i already shared this site on facebook and google plus. my imei is 013270009107313. tia

  78. Sergey

    Resource work?

  79. Nguyen thanh thuy

    Please unlock iphone 5 lock sprint. Imei 99 000277 509589 4. Thanks!

  80. Fasi

    I shared the links and blogs in my Facebook
    I hope I do get the unlock code for my galaxy core g386w. Thank you

  81. James

    Hopefully this will work

  82. alikarim

    thank you iphone 4s imei 990001889873881

  83. adrian

    acer s500 imei:357215040285523

  84. kean

    Ii is so hard to find a truly free unlocking website

  85. thuan

    please help her unlock the lock IP5
    lock japan softbank
    imei : 013405004517260

  86. yousuf khan

    Hi, I’m living in Pakistan please unlock my iphone 4s imei no is 012423009687658

  87. yousuf khan

    I m living in Pakistan please
    unlock my phone 012423009687658 iPhone 4s

  88. Joshua

    Imei is 358765061612418

  89. лщтыефте

    херня все это

  90. Lucy Baro

    How long does it takes to wait the unlock pin code? As I remember i have shared this in social media like facebook and sent this form BUT until now i did not received any response.

  91. Lori Cooper

    Unlock me 358765061655573/06

  92. Leba

    living in fiji,Please unlock my nokia lumia 530 IMEI:353627065230149

  93. Mike Legrand

    356454062909774 imei cricket. I already share on facebook. Where is my code unlock please?

  94. omar


  95. omar

    nokia lumia 635 355775068196102

  96. butchfortz

    i wish its true you can give me unlock pin for my phone sim my phone: samsung galaxy core prime model : sm-g361h imei:354619071920788 i wil be waiting so i have i will post another story on social media

  97. mr yank

    My imei 32034061141647 . please unlock .

  98. jodie

    hope it works :-} . If it does I’ll pass it on to my mates in Australia

  99. jodie

    hope it works :-} . If it does I’ll pass it on to my mates in Australia*

  100. jodie

    hope it works :-} . If it does I’ll pass it on to my mates in Australia*

  101. jodie

    galaxy s4 I9505 please

  102. junior worneh

    hello pls Unlock my iphone 6+ imei 352044076997198

  103. ION

    HTC 310 IMEI:351912067297979 deblocare pentru MOLDCELL Moldova va rog frumos trimitetzi codul pe:::::[email protected]

  104. William

    Pls Im waiting for unlock code for nokia lumia 635 with imei 357163068893754

  105. gokhan

    iphone 4 ——> 012753000240507
    Softbank iPhone unlock

  106. shiha

    SamSung J1
    SSN : -J110F/ASGSMH
    Made in vietnam by samsung
    IM 354732070917281

  107. EVANS


  108. fetah gueddah

    Hi plz unlock my iphone5
    imei 013404003513388

  109. Mohaiminul shadhin

    done every step. please unlock my phone iPhone 4

  110. Rakie

    Iphone4 softbank 012533005127325
    Unlock please

  111. norm

    boost mobile
    samsung galaxy prevail sm-g360p
    need it sim unlocked

  112. Vaivasa Wells

    Need S4 Unlocked please.

    IMEI 990002666168206

    Shared here and everywhere

  113. Topsy

    I have shared your page on facebook am yet to see any mail. My IMEI is 990002761955135, iphone 5…thanks as i wait for your response

  114. trish davi s

    still waiting on code….how long does it take?

  115. gaja

    sve sam uradio kako ste trazili sad ispuniti svoja obecanja.

  116. Jay Morgan

    I need the unlock code for a Nokia 630 Windows phone

  117. Pablo

    thank you for this service

  118. emmanuel mulenga

    i have completed filling the form,no email received, , , ,please help me unlocking lumia 635 imei 357163068706295

  119. Gec Frx

    Waiting for unlock code, hope it works 🙂

  120. amanda foster

    imei 990002845159167
    iphone 5
    locked by sprint

  121. amanda foster

    imei 990002845159167
    iphone 5
    locked by sprint

  122. fujiwarayuuki

    sim look free
    japan softbank

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