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Unlock your Smartphone free with, the first truly free unlock service available. You can see our ratings and reviews of our free service given by members who’ve used the services to unlock their Smartphone. Finding a company/website that will unlock your Smartphone for free is like finding a needle in a haystack (you will Never Find One), at we are the only company doing these unlocks for free Thanks to an agreement we mad with Smartphones carrier and providers. To get a free unlock, simply fill out the form below then like us or share us on Facebook. To use the free SmartPhone Unlocking Services, you may need your IMEI number, to get your IMEI Simply Dial *#06# on your handset your IMEI number will then pop up on the screen.

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Share Us To Receive A free Unlock Code
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139 thoughts on “Free Smartphone Unlock Service

  1. Need help …please its been a year now …need unlock code for htc one m7…
    354439057711808…someone help

  2. I already shared it and here’s the IMEI of my SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND PRIME 357380061726837.. I’m hoping that you’ll send me a FREE UNLOCK CODE.


  3. Good afternoon, thanks for the great job u are doing for us.. please, these is very urgent.. iphone 6 with IMEI: 352070068300885 I’ll patiently await ur response. Once again thanks for everything!

  4. hola me podrian desbloquear este telefono para la compañía movistar venezuela…

    modelo: huawei Ascend Y221
    imei: 865247022324587

  5. hello I could unlock this phone for the company Movistar Venezuela …

    Model: Huawei Ascend Y221
    IMEI: 865247022324587

  6. Can you please give me the unlock code for my desire 510 IMEI 358078066777818 please

  7. hi can u help me to unlock my samsung note2 SGH-I317M IMEI : 355426050292711 thank you so much 🙂

  8. My imei#990005705431238 HTC desire 62.I shared twice on fb once on twitter and hasn’t received unlock code yet. Pls do what u said u do as I have done what was asked.

  9. Hello,

    I had sent 2 IMEI numbers for unlock and did the requirements for sharing with friends. When do I expect to have these 2 phones unlocked? Please let me know.


  10. Hi can you plss help me to unluck my iPhone 5s . To day is my birthday sir can you plss send the code as gift . Plss

    Philippines-smart gold lock

  11. Need to Unlock my LG VS810PP a.k.a ( LG Transpyre). It is locked to Verizon network.
    IMEI: 355531063633734

    kindly assist in unlocking it or sending me the Unlock codes.

    i have liked and shared you page/website

  12. Please help me to unlock my HTC m8 IMEI 358718057516978. It’s locked to at & t thanks

  13. Hi,

    I shared your site through facebook and would really appreciate the unlock code my apple iphone 4; IMEI – 013266001280967 – locked to 3 in Sweden

  14. 355036061568510 imei HTC Desire 320 locked to Telus wanting it to work with wind and other carriers.. I have posted and shared your website advertismentioned to my Facebook page like I supposed to.thanks

  15. hello have been using this phone now for 7month now and i want to unlock the my htc 610 verizo deisre 990005012382686

  16. Need an unlocked code for a united States of America straight talk samsung galaxy s 5, sm-s902l Imei 990005839823888

  17. Need unlock code
    htc m8
    Imei: 357871057549431
    provider id: KBX6854 (austria – drei)

    thanks in advance!

  18. pls help me unlock my iPhone #imei 013059009114332 … iphone 4s ..from Nigeria.. don’t know the former carries

  19. I shared just liked you asked 🙂 I have a Samsung Galaxy Core Prime
    imei #: 990005928860403
    Please send unlock code, thank you!

  20. My imei is 354696060859920/06
    And u have an samsung core lte I’ve shared this on fb several times and am really hoping that u can unlock my phone please

  21. I really need to unlock my Microsoft Lumia 532 (My Aunt’s bought it from Australia) here’s the IMEI: 357811060418760 ,, PLEASE

  22. Please could you sort out my unlock code HTC Desire S
    imei 356708043303377

    Many Thanks – Shared on fb

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